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That’s My little family, not pictured are our dogs Remus and Luna. We are originally from Indiana, but moved to Louisville, KY a few years ago. We love getting outside and going on adventures as a family. Most weekends you can find us having game nights with friends, hiking, camping, or traveling to see our extended family.  One of our biggest goals is to take the kids to as many national parks as we can.

About Me: I LOVE coffee, reading, feel-good TV shows like New Girl, and of course spending time with my family. I am really big on acceptance and treating everyone like family. I like to run my business and my home as a no judgement zone. Everyone is welcome, even in their PJ’s. In other words please don’t feel like you need to dress up when you book a call with me through the link below. 

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Jess was able to launch her dream podcast and be consistent with providing impactful content to her listeners.


Danielle’s podcast guest schedule is booked out with guests who bring value to her listeners and help grow her visibility.


Through our VIP day a client was able to launch her podcast in one day and provide our training to her VA so that she could handle the continued management of the podcast.

Why I started All Things Podcasting.

As soon as I entered the online space I fell in love with podcasting! Anytime that I was considering investing in a coach or a course the first thing I would do is search and see if they had a podcast. Why? Because I want to know someone before I invest in them. I want to like them. I want to trust them. By tuning in to their podcast I was letting them into my life. 

The podcasters that I listen to often feel more like friends than just someone who exists only online. One day I came to the realization that I had never purchased anything from someone online without first listening to their podcast.  

That’s when it hit me! Podcasting is the best way for busy coaches and course creators to build a relationship with their audience without spending hours each week getting on zoom for 1:1 coffee chats. I wanted to spread this message and help business owners see the impact that podcasting can have on their business and so All Things Podcasting was born!

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