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Outside of the Business

Shannon and I met when our daughters (both of our oldest kiddos) became besties in Kindergarten and started begging for a playdate. Shannon and the rest of the Hatcher fam came over with pizza and the rest is history. Since then we have have been on so many journeys together. From hiking to game nights, but our most exciting adventure so far is running All Things Podcasting together.

We run our business like we run our homes. This is a no judgement zone. Everyone is welcome, even in their PJ’s. In other words please don’t feel like you need to dress up when you book a call with us through the link below. 

Testimonial from Danielle Gagnon

“Working with Caleigh has made my dream of hosting a podcast possible. I would never be able to manage all aspects of running my show without her help. She makes having a podcast feel downright easy! I never stress about whether the work is getting done because she is 100% on top of everything.”


“I have been able to launch my podcast, grow my network and my audience – and do it all during a pandemic with two toddlers at home full time. Just writing that is mind-blowing!”

Testimonial from Justin Reid

“Working with Caleigh has been so great. She is great at setting expectations, deadlines, and communicating. Starting a podcast seems so overwhelming; so much to learn. But she has made it completely painless for us as well as looking like a pro while doing it. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in starting their own podcast.”

I feel confident in our Selling Derby City brand thanks to Caleigh’s guidance and creations. The final product of the podcast itself exceeds my expectations and we have received a ton of positive feedback from listeners. The download numbers in the first week blew all of our minds, I believe.”

Testimonial from Maura Webster

“Working with Caleigh has given me freedom, confidence, and a really awesome podcast! I had been talking about launching Super Real Human for 2 years…I had even bought the equipment and platform subscriptions. But I just couldn’t get it done. I was too intimidated by the technology, managing all the pieces, finding guests…it was too much to take on in addition to running a business. And…I can’t imagine doing it any other way than with Caleigh. My followers have increased, my confidence is growing around recording episodes, and I have more time to focus on the other aspects of my business…and living life! Having Caleigh on your team is a brilliant move, a no-brainer. Pure genius :)”

Why we started All Things Podcasting.

As soon as we entered the online business space we fell in love with podcasting! Anytime that we were considering investing in a coach or a course the first thing we would do is search and see if they had a podcast. Why? Because podcast all you to get to know someone before investing in them. Listening to a podcast builds know, like, and trust therefor making the buying decision super easy! When listeners tune into a podcast each week they are lettng the host into their lives. 

One day we realized that the podcasters that we listen to often feel more like friends than just someone who exists only online. 

That’s when it hit me! Podcasting is the best way for busy online entrepreneurs to build a relationship with their audience without spending hours each week getting on zoom for 1:1 coffee chats. We wanted to spread this message and help business owners see the impact that podcasting can have on their business and so All Things Podcasting was born!

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