Authentic Podcasting with Maura Webster

Often times we hear that podcasters need to niche down and stick to one particular topic. In this episode, Maura Webster joins Caleigh to debunk this misconception and explains the importance of being authentically you, no matter what you discuss in your podcast. You will hear Maura’s podcasting journey, how her podcast has impacted her business, and how she is able to be more visible.

Maura is the Mindful Marketing Coach, and is the Founder, CEO, & Chief Strategist at LillaBlu Strategies, a boutique marketing company focused on real meaningful marketing. Maura’s mission is to help awesome creatives, self-employed gurus, small businesses doing good, and serious entrepreneurs like you find clarity, solidify authentic messaging, and create meaningful marketing strategies that will take you to the next level.

Want to learn more from Maura Webster on authentic marketing for your business? Follow Maura on Facebook @LillaBluStrategies and Instagram @lillabluco.

Listen to the Super Real Human podcast at pod.link/maura for more inspiration on breaking through perfection and being your authentic self.

Visit Lillablu.com/apply to sign up for Marketing: Untangled.

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