Brand Photography with Bonnie Dickson

How can you utilize professional, curated, and planned photography for a strong visual first impression? Join Caleigh and special guest, Bonnie Dickson, in this episode to find out!

Bonnie Dickson is a Business Visibility Strategist and Photographer who believes first impressions are the key to profitable businesses. She helps her clients stand out in the busy online marketplace, consistently attract the types of clients they want to work with, and convert Google searches into potential customers that walk through the door. Her creative and artistic approach to photography has guided clients to use images that are scroll-stopping, approachable, and best of all create an immediate sense of trust because they look just like they do in the photos! With over 30 IMDB film & commercial credits to her name and 15 years of digital photography experience, Bonnie’s knowledge spans multiple industries. She will make any business owner feel immediately at ease in front of the camera.

Want to learn more from Bonnie Dickson on how to use brand photography to elevate your first impression? Visit linktr.ee/bonniedickson.com and follow Bonnie on Instagram @bonniedicksonphotography.

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