Creating a Plan for Consistent Content with Crunch Ranjani

If you’re ready to create a consistent posting schedule to increase your visibility, then this episode is for you! Crunch Ranjani joins Caleigh in this episode to help you connect with your audience, create new content, and give your audience a call to action. 

Crunch Ranjani is a conversion copywriter and content creator for change-makers and entrepreneurs who want to make an impact with the money and influence they have in their businesses. A firm believer that we need more diversity, equity, and inclusion in our communities, Crunch helps like-minded business owners harness the power of words to get their message heard by more than just their handful of Instagram followers and create a bigger impact in the world. Crunch’s superpower is writing snazzy blogs and articles, and turning the monologues you’ve been doing on Facebook/Instagram Live into a summoning spell that magically conjures up your ideal clients and appeases the Google gods.

Want to learn more from Crunch Ranjani on creating a consistent posting schedule to increase your visibility? Visit crunchranjani.com and follow Crunch on Facebook and Instagram @crunchtini.

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