Drive Traffic to Your Podcast Through Pinterest with Dominique Dunlop

How can podcasters drive more traffic to their podcast using Pinterest? Join Caleigh and special guest Dominique Dunlop in this episode to dive into all things Pinterest! You will learn how you can optimize your pins so you show up in the search engine when your audience is trying to find solutions to their problems. 

Dominique Dunlop is a former teacher turned digital marketing-obsessed Canadian mom of 2. Dominique’s expertise is helping you create the visibility, connection & authority you need to grow your business online without sacrificing your mental health or being tied to your phone 24/7. Through her done-for-you content repurposing services and Lead Generation Pinterest VIP Days Dominique is here to help you get off the content creation hamster wheel so you have more time to focus on the parts of your business that light you up and allow you to feel confident that your content is always working for you so you don’t have to be!

Want to learn more from Dominique Dunlop on how to drive traffic to your podcast through Pinterest? Visit dominiquedunlop.com. Follow Dominque on Instagram @dominquedulop_ and on Pinterest @Content Repurposing & Pin Strategy For Podcasts & Course Creators. 

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