Getting Media Coverage for Your Business with Allie Martin

Ready to learn how you can take a proactive approach to get visible through PR to take your business to the next level?

In this episode, Allie Martin joins Caleigh to share her 6 steps on how to pitch yourself to media outlets so that you can transform yourself into the top expert in your field.

Allie is a veteran brand and communication strategist with 10+ years of experience and owns Fame and Fortune. Fame and Fortune helps brands share their messages through a host of public relations and marketing tools. Allie produces and hosts a podcast called Selfish, a show dedicated to self-care for entrepreneurs.

Check out Allie’s website to learn more marketing tactics for your business. You can follow Allie on Instagram and TikTok @thealliemartin for more inspiration.

Ready to get more visibility for your business and grow your impact—but don’t know how? Message Allie on Instagram for the Be Your Own Publicist mini course.

Click HERE to listen to Episode 11 of the All Things Podcasting Podcast.

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