Graphic Design & Branding for Your Podcast with Lauren Felter

So many of us get into the online space and graphic design is so not our jam. However, it’s part of running a business and it’s part of posting your content on social media. So we all kind of have to learn how to do it. Join Caleigh in this jam-packed episode of golden nuggets with special guest Lauren Felter. You will hear strategies on all things graphic design and branding for your podcast. You will learn how to stay consistent with your graphics and make them stand out against the competition.

Lauren Felter is a design educator for non-designers and a former ladder climber. She spent the first decade of her career overseeing marketing, operations, and technical systems for a university admissions office, while also teaching design as adjunct faculty. After following the path to traditional success but only finding intense burnout and an identity crisis at the top, she blew it all up in January 2020 to do it her own way. She turned her highly sought-after university design course into one specifically for professionals and business owners who aren’t graphic designers, but find designing an inevitable part of their regular to-do list. If you’re dumbfounded by design, she’ll teach you to turn your crap into compelling.

Want to learn more from Lauren Felter on all things graphic design and branding for your podcast? Visit felterunfiltered.com and follow Lauren on Instagram @felter.unfiltered. 

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