Impact of Podcasting for Mompreneurs with Verity Sangan

Join Caleigh in this episode as she welcomes Verity Sangan for some real talk about podcasting and being a mompreneur. Verity shares the impact that podcasting has had on her business and tips on how to pitch for guest spots, all while holding her baby. Let’s face it, we are busy momma’s so everyone is welcome!

Verity is an Education Consultant specializing in online course creation. Verity helps individuals, bloggers, and businesses discover their teaching potential and get their learning, education, and training online. Through her podcast, Bloggers Creating Courses, Verity takes you behind the scenes of creating an online course.

Want to learn more from Verity Sangan? Follow Verity on Instagram @veritysangan. You can sign up for The Course Creator Mastermind by visiting her website veritysangan.com/mastermind.

Click HERE to listen to Episode 14 of All Things Podcasting Podcast.

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