Letting Go of Perfectionism and Launching a Podcast with Julie Moe

Let me guess, you have a podcast idea bouncing around in your head, you have all the equipment you need, but you’re afraid to launch a podcast. Sound like you? If you have a difficult time overcoming your fears and letting go of perfectionism, then you don’t want to miss this conversation with Caleigh and Julie Moe. You will hear how you can let go of perfectionism and make money right from your kitchen table. 

Julie Moe is a coach, a marketer, and has kind of rewritten the career rule book for moms. Through The Gutsy Mama Project, Julie has helped hundreds of gutsy mamas ditch their nine-to-fives and their mommy guilt by building a business that lets them be full-time moms first and business owners second. 

Want to learn more from Julie Moe about how to launch your podcast and your business? Visit thegutsymamaproject.com and follow Julie on Instagram @gutsymamaproject.

If you’re a mom who’s interested in starting your own Squarespace design business with coaching and community and everything you can need, you can find out more at information@bagutsymama.com.

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