Podcasting for Your PR Strategy with Laura Gmeinder

Podcasting with a twist! 

Laura Gmeinder joins Caleigh to share the unique PR strategy that she uses to market her business. Laura flipped the switch in the podcasting world by only being a guest expert and doesn’t have the production of a whole podcast. By being a guest on over 30 different podcasts geared toward women entrepreneurs, Laura has made $100K in revenue. In this episode,  Laura shares her strategies that you can use to land and leverage your perfect guest spot through free PR. 

Laura Gmeinder is an ICF Certified Business and Life Coach, national speaker, and community builder. Laura strives to live an interesting life and above all, she does things in the spirit of doing one thing every day that scares you.

Click HERE to listen to Episode 17 of the All Things Podcasting Podcast.

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