SEO Strategies for Podcasts with Danielle Gagnon

Do you need strategies for search engine optimization for your long-form content ( think blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube videos)? Then you are in the right place! Danielle Gagnon joins Caleigh in this episode to explain what SEO is and how you can maximize it so that your content can show up at the top of Google.

Danielle Gagnon left her corporate position in pursuit of turning her marketing experience into her own business while gaining more time freedom. Danielle is an SEO ninja. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners elevate their brands without spending hours on marketing. On the Content Cash Machine Podcast, Danielle shares her years of marketing experience to help you create content that organically – and massively – grows your business. In addition to sharing her best practices, Danielle interviews content creators from across the industry, sharing their secrets to help you master blogging, social media, email marketing, podcasting, and more.

Want to learn more from Danielle Gagnon on all things SEO for podcasting? Follow Danielle on Instagram @DanielleGagnon_SEO and visit her website danielle-gagnon.com.


Click HERE to listen to Episode 16 of the All Things Podcasting Podcast.

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